Boys Weekend

We were well over due for a boy’s weekend and we were in the mood for some action. Mt Ruapehu was the obvious first choice!

We packed the car and headed down on Friday night. The drive was a great time. We spent most of it telling each other how good we’d be and put bets on who’d fall over first- obviously it wouldn’t be me.

We woke up the next day buzzing with excitement, threw our stuff in the car and were off. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the first sight of the mountain was amazing, it was like we had walked through the wardrobe and ended up in Narnia.

We grabbed a mandatory coffee at the mountain cafe and headed over to get our equipment. The on-mountain staff were great and had us kitted out in the nick of time.

We all decided to board so we headed to Alpine Meadow and got straight into it. I lost the bet and fell over first, but the boys weren’t far behind me so we decided to get a lesson. Our instructor was Canadian and was a top bloke, and within 20 minutes we were linking our turns.

By the end of the weekend we’d been doing runs from the top of the six-seater and we’d even managed to do some sweet jumps on the way down.

 It was an awesome bonding trip with the boys and we even managed to meet a few girls on the chairlift, and we’re planning a trip back to Mt Ruapehu with them in a few weeks! I can’t wait to do it all again!


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