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The Truth about Skiing with Kids

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Family Story - Pete
10 June 2013

My father used to take my sisters and I skiing when we were children, however thirty odd years later with four young children it was put in the too-hard basket.

It took some encouragement from a friend before we decided to give it ago.  We had to fully commit so we got all six of us Mt Ruapehu Season Passes and hired gear for the season.

It was honestly the best family decision we made last year. As a family we got 12 skiing days in, and it was the best family time.

The journey alone became great fun.  In the 3 hour drive from Mt Maunganui I learnt more about what my kids were up to at school than I had ever heard before.

We started at the beginner area Happy Valley and the goal was to progress onto the Rock Garden by the end of the week. We were skiing the Rock Garden by the Tuesday, and by Wednesday we were skiing the Waterfall on the upper slopes.

The kids were progressing at differing speeds so we would often have a family ski in the morning, lunch at Knoll Ridge Café and often in the afternoon we would break up into smaller groups - mixing and matching who was skiing with who.

I got my oldest who was 9, and my youngest who was 5, out west and they reckon it was one of the greatest adventures of their lives.

Needless to say, when we discussed with them whether we wanted to do it all again this year it was a resounding YES !!!!

For me, I don’t only look forward to another season on Mt Ruapehu, but I have found something I can do with them, and we can continue to do together for a time to come.

- Pete

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