Schools and Youth Groups

New Zealand school and youth groups with more than 10 students/youth group members get discounted rates at Mt Ruapehu if they pre-book at least 2 weeks in advance with one of our Schools and Groups Coordinators. Our coordinators will assist with your planning and host your group on arrival. Our School & Youth Group rates are only available for bookings made by the school or youth group itself.

Booking forms should be sent in at least 2 weeks before your visit, even if you only have rough numbers and requirements

If your visit is less than two weeks away, please first contact your Schools & Groups Coordinator by telephone.

See below for links to our current rates and booking forms.  

Please note: we have separate booking forms for each ski area

If you would like to visit Whakapapa, please use the following forms:

Microsoft Excel Worksheet2017 Whakapapa Schools and Groups Booking Form
Microsoft Excel Worksheet, 19.6 KB
Microsoft Excel Worksheet2017 Whakapapa Schools and Groups Booking Form (Weekends and Holidays)
Microsoft Excel Worksheet, 21.6 KB


If you would like to visit Turoa, please use the following forms (additional lesson booking form is essential if your group requires lessons):

Microsoft Excel WorksheetTuroa School Group booking form

Microsoft Excel WorksheetTuroa School Group booking form (weekends & holidays)

Microsoft Excel WorksheetTuroa Snowsports Session Booking form


Please remember

School and Youth Group rates apply only to New Zealand schools or youth groups. Our guideline definition of a Youth Group at Mt Ruapehu is as follows: A Youth Group is a group based in New Zealand, consisting of members aged 18 and under who are themselves based in New Zealand. It should be an established group that operates year-round primarily as a Youth Group and making a booking at Mt Ruapehu with at least 10 youths and no more than 20% adults in the group.

For schools or youth groups outside New Zealand or who do not fit this definition, please refer to the Other Groups section.


Advance bookings for all school/youth groups are essential and there must be a minimum of 10 youths (aged 18 and under) in the group to qualify. If you are a small school with a roll of 30 or less, there must be a minimum of 5 youths in the group to qualify. Discounts will not be available to groups who arrive at the ski area without having pre-booked and we cannot guarantee the availability of rental equipment or lessons.


Please send your booking form at least two weeks in advance. If rental equipment or lessons are not available due to heavy bookings, your Mt Ruapehu Group Coordinator will contact you to make alternative arrangements. Any clothing requirements should be indicated on the form, but please note that it cannot be ‘booked’ in advance and any groups will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis along with other visitors to the mountain.

You can also book to visit both ski areas over a multi-day visit. Rentals can be picked up from one ski area and dropped off at the other. Please ensure you indicate this clearly on your booking form.


After we receive your booking, a written confirmation will be sent to you along with some further information. A booking is not made until a booking form has been sent and you have received a confirmation form by email from us.

NOTE: Unless you have received a confirmation from your Mt Ruapehu group co-ordinator within 10 days of sending us your initial booking form, please assume that your booking has not been received and contact us.


The preferred method of payment is via cash, EFTPOS or credit on the day. Any unused products (tickets) may be returned on the day and, if a refund is required, a credit invoice will be issued.

If you intend on paying via an account please fill in the credit application form and send it in along with your booking form. If you already have a credit account with us, we ask that you update your account annually by completing and returning the first part of the credit application form (contact details).

NOTE: You will receive a receipt with your tickets when you pick them up. A tax invoice will be forwarded to your accounts department by mail.

If your group is paying by cash, card or cheque, payment is required on a daily basis when tickets are picked up at Customer Services. Any unused products (tickets) must be returned on the day and they will be refunded appropriately. Payment by cheque must be presented with a valid credit card – we will write the credit card details on the back of the cheque as security. The credit card will only be charged if the cheque bounces.

*Use of credit card will incur a 1.75% processing fee

Rental cards

Once we have confirmed your booking in writing, we will post rental cards to you. These should be filled out prior to arrival at the mountain and brought with you on the day. Instructions on how this system works will be included with the rental cards.

Snowsports Sessions

Ski sessions contain a maximum of 15 people, for ages 5 and over, whereas snowboard sessions cater for a maximum of 10 people, for ages 8 and over. Sessions are pre-allocated for each group:

Sessions begin at different times for Whakapapa and Turoa Ski Areas as outlined below. If you have particular lesson time requirements, please state this when you make your booking and we will do our best to cater to these. It is sometimes not possible for large groups to take their sessions at the same time because of the availability of snowsports instructors.


Sessions begin at 9.00am, 11.00pm, 13.00pm and 14.30pm.

Discover Sessions  are for complete beginners.

Discover+ Sessions are for students who have 1, 2 or 3 days of prior experience of sliding on snow.  As a minimum, they should be able to attach their equipment and move around on flat areas.

Explorer Sessions  are for students who have 4 or more days of prior experience of sliding on snow. As a minimum, they should be able to control their speed and come to a complete stop on a slope. Preference is for these students to be able to turn a little too.


Sessions begin at 9.30am and 1:30pm.

Discover Sessions  are for complete beginners.

Explorer (Advanced Beginner) sessions are for advanced beginner (level 2) skiers/snowboarders only.

Explorer (Intermediate/Advanced) sessions are for level 3 and upwards.

*There is an additional Session Booking Form for all groups who visit Turoa which is to determine ability levels.

Please discuss all other session requirements with your appropriate Mt Ruapehu group coordinators.

Please try to determine the levels of those requiring sessions before sending in your booking form. Click here for an explanation of ability levels.

Adaptive - anyone can enjoy the slopes!

We offer an adaptive service to students with all forms of physical and intellectual impairments (e.g. autism, Downs Syndrome, paraplegia, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, brain injury, amputation, cancer). And these specialist Adaptive lessons do not come at a premium - check with our Adaptive Centre for special rates for 2-hour private sessions, including lift pass and gear rentals. Students booked for Adaptive lessons will also be eligible for a higher adult-to-youth ratio.

Do you have any students who might benefit from this service? If so, check out the information on the <<Adaptive Centre web page>>, download and complete the details on the booking form. It is important to contact the Adaptive Coordinators at Turoa and Whakapapa to discuss the requirements of each student.


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