Our Ambassadors

Our Mt Ruapehu Brand Ambassadors live and breathe all things snowsports, and all things Mt Ruapehu. They have insider knowledge - they know exactly what wind lip to hit, what drop has the best run out, where the chutes are and the ideal line to take. They know the perfect run, for the perfect carve, at the perfect time of the morning. They know the precise time that the sun hits the dark patches and "yeti stick" is within their vocabulary.

Sound like you?

We are looking for a fresh batch of Ambassadors to represent Mt Ruapehu for the winter 2022 season. In return for complimentary passes, branded ambassador kit, retail discounts and the biggie, lift line priority, all we ask is that you share your froth with us so we can share it with our Mt Ruapehu communities.

If you are the one saying "just one more time" to get the perfect angle, have an eye for the perfect shot, and are down to share your stoke with us regularly, then learn more and submit a written or video application, HERE

Applications close Friday 3rd June, at 12pm.