2022 Season Pass Terms

Mt Ruapehu Season Pass Terms and Conditions


  1. These terms and conditions apply to all Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited (‘RAL’) Pass Holders, including persons who hold Day Passes, Flexi Passes, Season Passes, Life Passes, Night Ski Passes, Sightseeing Passes, and Sledding Passes (each, a ‘Pass’).

  2. By purchasing a Pass and/or using RAL’s services, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions, and you agree to be bound by them. Pass Holders are permitted to use RAL’s services only in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  3. Season Passes are non-refundable, except where permitted under a Season Pass Warranty that has also been purchased. Terms and conditions for the Season Pass Warranty are set out below.

  4. Season Passes will not be refunded due to weather, full or partial ski area closure, Covid-19 restrictions preventing travel,or other operating contingencies affecting any lift, run, area or facility.

  5. A discounted Youth Pass may only be redeemed during the Early Bird Sale, and must be purchased in the same transaction as an Adult Season Pass.

  6. Any Infant, Youth or Super Super Season Pass requires proof of age to be validated, in order to confirm eligibility, even if this has been supplied in previous seasons.

  7. Life Passes and Life+ Passes are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  8. Life+ Passes can be transferred once by the initial Pass Holder within 10 years of the date of purchase.

  9. Single Day Passes & Rental Passes are valid for any day throughout the 2022 winter season across both Tūroa and Whakapapa. In the case of weather conditions impacting all lift facility operations, these passes are refundable if all of the below criteria is met:

    • The refund is requested on the day of intended use & the refund is authorised by Guest Services staff.
    • The pass is unused
    • As any unused day pass can be used for any other day throughout the operational season, any refund request will be subject to an admin fee of $25 per person.
    • All refunds will be applied to the initial means of payment.
  10. Multi-day passes are valid on any days throughout the 2022 planned winter operational season, and as such:

    • Are designated as “Anytime” and not subject to differential pricing between weekend and weekday usage.
    • No refunds are available.
  11. Platinum Season Passes and associated parking passes are non-transferrable and may only be used by the person to whom they are issued. Platinum Season Passes are valid during the 2022 planned winter operational season only. A non-refundable card fee of $10 is applicable for a replacement card

  12. On-mountain and off-mountain benefits are only valid for the Pass Holder and are not transferrable. These are at the discretion of RAL and change from year to year.
    Any pass discounts will only be available on products purchased after the date a pass is purchased. (no earlier than 22 October 2021) until 30 November 2022.
    No retrospective discounts are to be applied to any product including Platinum Pass, Rentals and Ski & Ride School products.
    All 2022 Pass Holders must update their profile with a recent photograph and contact details prior to first use of the pass for the 2022 season.


  1. A single-day or multi-day Anytime Day Pass, or Anytime Season Pass provides access to Tūroa and Whakapapa Ski area lifts between the standard operational hours on any day of the week throughout the planned winter operational season.

  2. A Weekday Day Pass or Weekday Season Pass provides access to both Tūroa or Whakapapa Ski Area lifts Monday to Friday between the standard operational hours, throughout the planned operational season.

  3. Adult & Youth Season Passes, each receive four (4) Buddy Passes which entitle a ‘buddy’ to ski for 50% off a full-priced Anytime, Weekday or Beginner Day Pass.

    • Super Super or Infant Season Passes do not receive Buddy passes.
    • Buddy Passes are valid for the same Pass type as purchased or lesser value. i.e a Youth Season Pass can redeem 4 x 50% off Youth Anytime, Weekday or Beginner Passes, an Adult Season Pass can redeem 4 x 50% off Adult or Youth Anytime, Weekday or Beginner Lift Passes.
    • No refunds/exchanges are due if Passes are not used on the dates specified at time of purchase.
  4. Season Passes can be collected from any Mt Ruapehu Click and Collect location or on mountain at Tūroa or Whakapapa from Guest Services.


  1. All offers are available on presentation of your valid 2022 Season Pass with proof of purchase (confirmation email is sufficient) or Life Pass from Mt Ruapehu, plus your personal identification. If you have lost or misplaced your proof of purchase, YOU are responsible for contacting RAL prior to your South Island visit to have this sent to you again. Products and/or prices may be subject to change without notice.

Season Pass Holders:

  • 15% off full-priced food and beverage (excludes alcohol, combos, end-of-day clearance products)
  • 15% off full price retail purchases at Vertical Retail (excludes GoPro cameras and C6 skis)
  • 15% off group lessons
  • 15% off daily rentals
  • 15% off in the workshop
  • 15% off sledding passes
  • Buddy Passes: 4x 50% off full-price Day Passes (Discount applies to Anytime, Weekday or Beginner full day lift pass prices for Season Pass type or below)
  • 50% off summer sightseeing (Sky Waka only, does not apply to combos)

Life Pass Holders:

  • 15% off full-priced food and beverage (excludes alcohol, combos, end-of-day clearance products)
  • 15% off full price retail purchases at Vertical Retail (excludes GoPro cameras and C6 skis)
  • 15% off group lessons
  • 15% off daily rentals
  • 15% off in the workshop
  • 15% off sledding passes
  • Buddy Passes: 4x 50% off full-price Day Passes (Discount applies to Anytime, Weekday or Beginner full day lift pass prices for Life Pass age category or below)
  • FREE summer sightseeing

Platinum Pass Holders:

  • Premium Parking at Whakapapa and Tūroa Ski Areas, Weekday or Anytime depending on the pass type purchased
  • 20% off full-priced food and beverage (excludes alcohol, combos, end-of-day clearance products)
  • 20% off full price retail purchases at Vertical Retail (excludes GoPro cameras and C6 skis)
  • 20% off group lessons
  • 20% off daily rentals
  • 20% off in the workshop
  • 20% off sledding passes


  1. Any person who buys a Season Pass from RAL for the 2022 ski season may also purchase a Season Pass Warranty (‘Season Pass Warranty’). The Season Pass Warranty must be obtained at the same time as the Season Pass purchase.

  2. The Season Pass Warranty is subject to the terms and conditions below which are to be read in conjunction with all other RAL terms and conditions, and publicly posted notices and signs, except to the extent there is a conflict in which case the Terms and Conditions below prevail.

  3. Any Season Pass Warranty purchased only applies to the Season Pass purchased for the 2022 winter season and is valid for use once.

  4. The Season Pass Warranty is personal to the person to whom the relevant Season Pass was issued and does not apply or extend to any other Season Pass Holder. A Season Pass Warranty is NOT transferable and cannot be sold or exchanged.

  5. The Season Pass Warranty provides for a full or partial refund in the following circumstances only, provided these circumstances preclude the Season Pass Holder from being able to use the Season Pass:

    • Personal injury to the Season Pass Holder;
    • Severe illness of the Season Pass Holder;
    • Pregnancy of the Season Pass Holder; or
    • Transfer overseas or to the South Island of New Zealand for work purposes by the Pass Holder’s employer.
  6. The full or partial refund will be considered and determined by RAL for the person holding a Season Pass Warranty, who meets one of the above criteria. Supporting documentation must be provided e.g. doctor’s certificate, letter from employer.
    If a full refund is available, the Pass Holder may choose either the full refund, or to transfer the pass to the following year.

  7. All requests for refund under the terms of this Season Pass Warranty must be submitted to RAL in writing by the advertised end of the winter season date (time being of the essence, i.e. no claims will be accepted by RAL after that date).

  8. AAny refund value where applicable, will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, less the cost of a 2022 All Mountain Day Pass (Anytime day pass for an Anytime Season Pass, and Weekday day pass for a Weekday Season Pass) for each day the Season Pass had already been used.
    The maximum refund amount under the Season Pass Warranty shall not exceed the purchase amount of the Season Pass. Refunds will be made to the same party by the same method as used to purchase the Pass, or by any other method as determined by RAL at its absolute discretion, and the Season Pass will be cancelled.

  9. Once purchased, the Season Pass Warranty is non-refundable and may not be cancelled by the Season Pass Holder. Should a Season Pass be cancelled for any reason by RAL, the associated Season Pass Warranty shall also be cancelled.


  1. Passes are not transferable and may only be used by the person to whom they are issued, as recorded by RAL on the Pass. The person to whom the Pass has been issued is responsible for the safekeeping of the Pass.

  2. Passes must always be carried by the Pass Holder while skiing, snowboarding, sightseeing or sledding at Whakapapa and Tūroa ski areas; any staff member may request to see your pass, and identification may be requested to prove identity.

  3. RAL reserves the right to ask a Pass Holder or a person purchasing a Pass, whether for themselves, or on behalf of anyone else, for proof of age and identification at any time.

  4. Photo identification will be required when picking up your snow card, being issued a replacement, or updating your photograph.

  5. RAL may request that your details and/or photograph are updated periodically. If required, a temporary pass block may be placed on your pass in order to prompt this update prior to use.

  6. RAL may use gate control cameras, or individuals at its RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access control gates to identify persons when those persons access or use the lifts. RAL uses this system to confirm that Lift Passes are used only by the correct persons.

  7. Any fraudulent use of your Pass, by you or a third party, will automatically result in a twelve month ban from Tūroa & Whakapapa for the named Pass Holder and the person fraudulently using the pass.

  8. Platinum Passes (and the associated parking benefit) are non-transferable and may only be used by the person to whom they are issued, and for the period of time they are issued. If the Platinum Pass is used by someone other than the Platinum Pass Holder, it will result in a twelve month ban from Tūroa and Whakapapa for the Pass Holder and the person fraudulently using the pass.

  9. Teaching lessons at Tūroa and Whakapapa is only allowable through our Ski & Ride teams.

    • A Pass Holder delivering a professionally delivered lesson (paid or unpaid) will be referred to NZ Police for a complaint of theft of services, as well as immediate trespass from RAL facilities (and by extension all Ski Area Association of New Zealand ski areas) for two years. Details will also be passed to any appropriate national instructor body for their action
    • A Pass Holder taking part in a professionally delivered lesson (paid or unpaid) will receive in a twelve month ban from Tūroa & Whakapapa ski areas
    • RAL makes the sole decision on what constitutes a professionally delivered lesson
  10. If a person to whom a Pass has been issued provides any false information regarding the purchase of any Pass or product offered by RAL (including providing an incorrect age for any Infant, Youth, or Super Super), RAL may at any time without notice revoke any or all Passes acquired by, or on behalf of, the person who provided that false information or the person to whom that false information relates.

  11. In the case of a ban for fraudulent use of a pass, RAL may refer a complaint of theft to NZ Police &/or commence prosecution and/or legal action. Both parties may also be trespassed from RAL facilities for two years, and any trespass takes effect across all commercial ski areas in New Zealand (SAANZ affiliated members).


  1. All Pass Holders must abide by the Mt Ruapehu Code of Conduct. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

    • unsociable or aggressive behaviour, in-person or online
    • any form of abusive behaviour to staff or other guests
    • unsafe skiing/snowboarding
    • misuse of RAL’s bookable parking system online or in person, or unsafe driving through RAL control points & carparking
    • disregard for Mt Ruapehu’s Code of Conduct
    • skiing or snowboarding under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • supply of incorrect information or breach of the Mt Ruapehu Terms and Conditions
  2. Misconduct will result in cancellation or suspension of the pass with no refund, or a refusal of service on the day or into the future.

    • Pass suspension may be for a period of up to one month
    • Pass cancellation may be for the remainder of the season or for a twelve-month period
    • Refusal of service may be for an open-ended period of time.
  3. Pass suspension, cancellation, refusal of service, and the length of the period, is at the discretion of RAL


  1. RAL will use reasonable endeavours to process electronic payment transactions in a timely and secure manner. However, RAL makes no warranties or representations regarding the time required to initiate or complete the processing of any transaction, and does not warrant or represent:

    • that your access to and use of RAL’s website (“Website”) including the payment facility will be continuous, uninterrupted, error free or secure;
    • that any defects in the Website, including the payment facility, will be corrected,
    • that this Website, its servers and any network connections are free of computer viruses, Trojans, or other harmful data, code, components or other material;
    • that it will be able to prevent any illegal, harmful or inappropriate access, use, modification or alteration of the Website including the payment facility;
    • that it will give notice of any such access, use, modification or alteration;
    • the correctness, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, reliability, quality or otherwise of the Website (or its content) including the payment facility.
    • The use of the Website and any services available through the Website, including the payment facility, is at your own risk.
  2. To the maximum extent permitted by law, RAL will not be liable to you for any loss or liability of any kind caused by any delay or failure outside RAL’s reasonable control to provide information or perform operations (including electronic payment processing) requested or do so correctly, including as a result of or in connection with:

    • any delay or failure in any transmission or communication facilities;
    • any delay, failure or malfunction of the Website including the payment facility;
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  5. You agree to pay for your orders by authorising RAL or our nominated third-party payment service to charge your bank account or credit card account for the total price of the goods or services ordered and the applicable delivery charges (if any). RAL may amend any such payment requirements or procedures at any time

  6. Your submission of an order to purchase goods or services via the Website constitutes an offer subject to acceptance by RAL.

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