Mountain Stories

Deicing at Mt Ruapehu

The rime ice that we get here at Mt Ruapehu is prolific, listed as some of the worst in the world.

This leaves a lot of work for our deicing crew, who head out on the mountain to make sure the lifts and safe and ice free, ready for a good day of skiing. Click the link to find out more!

Technology of the Sky Waka

The operation of the sky Waka Gondola is unlike any other lift on Mt Ruapehu, with the Gondola built to handle the tricky conditions we face on the maunga.

Find out more below about what goes in to running a high spec state-of-the-art lift such as the Sky Waka.

Water Testing at Mt Ruapehu

Operating in a Dual Heritage National Park, we take our responsibility to look after the environment seriously, with clean ups and tests a regular occurrence here at Mt Ruapehu.

Recently, we undertook a series of water quality tests amongst the streams and rivers that run off our ski field.

Avalanche Safety

While we love the snow, it has it's own risks that need to be recognised and respected. Avalanches can move quickly and suddenly, causing great risk to people and infrastructure.

It is important then that you understand what we do to keep you safe when on the mountain. Follow the link below to watch what we do to negate this risk: