Tūroa Parks

Epic lines for everyone from grom to pro. Come ride the volcano!

The lowdown

The Tūroa Parks Crew's renowned for bringing the goods year after year from the moment the snow arrives. Follow Tūroa Parks on Facebook for all the latest.

We have a range of terrain parks to make sure riders of all ages and abilities can have a go. From beginner to pro, we have a diverse range of features around Tūroa Ski Area. Plus you might just find a few wee extra features as you make your way around. It's all about bringing the fun!


Beginner - Intermediate

The Wintergarden Park is the perfect progression up from the Alpine Meadow. The features will still be easily riden over by beginners, but there will also be some features for riders to progress on.

With the introduction of some small jumps, beginners can get a feel for some airtime or experienced riders and start learning new tricks.

Placed right next to the Wintergarden platter, laps are quick, meaning there is plenty of ride time for learning and progressive sessions.

Middle Earth


The Middle Earth Park is situated in the hub of the Tūroa ski area at Blyth Flat.

Features will change often here depending on snow conditions but expect the jumps and jib features to be medium in size and a slight step up from the Wintergarden, appropriate for intermediate level riders.

It's short enough to hike, but also easy to access from the Giant or High Noon chairlifts.

Mini Pipe


The Mini pipe is the perfect playground for an intermediate or advanced rider wanting to try something new and develop fresh skills.

Standing at 13 feet in height it's a great place to learn how to ride the pipe.

Located at Blyth Flat, just as you come off the Movenpick lift. It's also easy enough to hike if you feel like sessioning.

Turtle Alley

Intermediate - Advanced

Turtle Alley is a jump line consisting of 2 - 3 medium sized jumps. Perfect for someone looking to take the next step up from Middle Earth and start linking multiple jumps in succession.

There will often be a box or rail to jib as you exit this line as well.

High Flyer


The High Flyer jump line is a series of large jumps ranging from 40 - 45 feet (to the sweet spot).

Perfect for advanced riders who are craving some airtime!

The Highflyer line is easily accessbile from the High Noon chairlift.

Flyer Jib Line


The Flyer Jib line is a selection of jib features, predominantly rails that are placed after the High Flyer jump line as you return to the High Noon chairlift.

Expect to find our most challenging rail setups here.


Advanced - Pro

For the most experienced riders seeking maximium airtime!

Rollercoaster is our Large to Extra Large jump line with jumps 45 feet plus.

Subject to change due to the conditions.