Terrain parks

On Mt Ruapehu we offer world class terrain parks, from the top of the mountain to the bottom, catering for all levels, from easy flat boxes to big kickers and rails. There is something for everyone and a clear path of progression for all levels. Our terrain parks are unique, in that they are naturally formed, enhanced by our crew. Innovation, ever changing, plenty of fun.

Alpine meadow
Open from the early season offering jumps, boxes and rails on a smaller scale. Perfect for those who are just learning, to get a feel for riding features, to those who are more experienced, to hone their tricks with less consequence. The Alpine Meadow Park has something for everyone all season long.
Perfect progression from the Alpine Meadow. Features can be easily ridden by beginners, but also support progression for developing riders. On the small jumps, beginners can get a feel for some airtime, while experience riders can start learning new tricks. Right next to the Wintergarden platter, laps are quick, meaning plenty of time for learning and progression.
Middle earth
Similar in size to the Wintergarden, and appropriate for intermediate level riders, Middle Earth features change often with the snow conditions but you can expect jumps and jib features of medium size. Located at Blyth Flat, a short enough hike or easy access from the Giant and High Noon Express chairs.
High flyer
Perfect for intermediate to advanced riders, the High Flyer park is our medium to large park, with two or three alternate lines with jumps ranging from 25 - 45 feet and different box and rail options to choose from. The High Flyer park is easily accessible from the High Noon Express chair.
Flyer jib line
The Flyer Jib Line is a selection of jib features, predominantly rails, that are placed after the High Flyer jump line as you return to the High Noon Express chair. Expect to find our most challenging rail setups here.
For the most experienced riders seeking maximum airtime. Rollercoaster is our large to extra large jump line with jumps 45 feet plus. Subject to change due to conditions.


After a long hiatus, in 2022 we saw the return of park features at Whakapapa. Nestled up beside the top of the Valley T, these included a rail and box jump. We look forward to seeing what 2023 might bring.