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The Tongariro National Park Management Plan requires the company to prepare Indicative Development Plans (IDP) for Whakapapa and Turoa Ski Areas. When we make application for a specific project the IDP's allow Department of Conservation (DOC) to consider this application in the context of the longer term strategic direction for each ski area as outlined in the IDP.

We have now decided to make the current documents available on www.mtruapehu.com to enable customers and interested persons to be better informed and to understand the changes and upgrades currently proposed for each ski area.

These two "Draft for Consultation" documents were prepared in early 2011 and, later that year, provided to DOC for comment and feedback. We have now received feedback from DOC and these draft documents are being reviewed in light of this feedback. Updated, and final, documents will be made available on the website once this review has been completed.

As noted in the "Introduction" of each plan;
"This Indicative Development Plan (IDP) has been prepared to outline those facility developments RAL would like to implement on Whakapapa (Turoa) Ski Area during the period through to 2020. This plan updates the previous IDP which was prepared in September 2001.

We emphasise the term "Indicative" as used in the title. Prior to each stage of development being implemented it must be accepted that the effects of previous developments and other planning concepts incorporated within the document will be further considered. The plan must be flexible and continuously under review. Proposed facilities have been outlined as to use and location. No architectural or engineering details are included".

We welcome comment on these draft Indicative Development Plans. Please use the following email address for comment and feedback; IDPfeedback@mtruapehu.com

Dave Mazey
1 September 2012

General Information

Whakapapa and Turoa Ski Areas on Mt Ruapehu are operated by Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited (RAL), which also owns the assets of the two ski areas.

RAL is a public unlisted company and has been since its Incorporation in 1953. Its primary purpose is to promote mountain sports activities on Mt Ruapehu and to provide amenities for the sport and recreation users of the mountain. RAL’s core business occurs during winter months usually operating from mid to late June to the end of October with snow-related activities.

In addition to the winter operation RAL operates a summer sightseeing and guided walk business. This business usually operates from mid December to the end of April. Maintenance of RAL’s assets is also performed during summer months.


Approximately 65 staff are employed during summer months engaged in management functions, maintenance and operation of the summer business. Staff numbers swell to approximately 750 during winter months.

See the link below to see the organisation's chart.

If you're interested in working for RAL in either a seasonal or full year position check out the employment section of our website.

Company Mission Statement

To provide maximum vertical fun – Mt Ruapehu - Your mountain!

Company Values

Our company values represent what we believe in and provide the elements that we believe are most important in achieving our mission:

Around here we.............

Are customer driven - Everything we do should benefit the customer in some way.
Have fun - We are in the business of helping our customers have fun, and being a fun place to work, we have fun as employees.
Keep each other safe - Safety is a priority for our customers and staff. The best way to achieve this is by looking out for each other.
Show respect - We show respect for each other, the World Heritage Area we work in and the Gift.
Are passionate about what we do - We love our jobs, the mountain and our business and we want to share this with our customers.
Walk the talk - We don’t just talk about it, we do it!


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