Terrain Parks

We've got a dedicated freestyle terrain park at both Turoa and Whakapapa Ski Areas which is maintained by the Neff Terrain Park Crew. You'll find something for all levels from grom to fully fledged park rat. Check out the Snow Report for the current park status before your visit as park conditions can change dramatically from week to week.

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Both Parks are proudly sponsored by Neff and Smith.

Whakapapa Terrain Park


Fancy tip grab

Turoa Terrain Park

Sweet method over a rail

Intermediates - The super-fun Intermediate Park is further on up, just above the Giant Café. Beginners - To get a feel for sliding on rail features there are some great ride-on boxes in the Alpine Meadow.

Rail-riders – you’ll be stoked with the Rail Park. There is an advanced line as well as an intermediate line, skiers left of the medium park.

Advanced riders – even you will be challenged by the XL Jumps. You can’t miss the massive 45-50ft length jumps skiers left of Vertigo.

The Boarder X course is a must do! Located on the High Noon, you can race up to 4 mates down the exciting rollers and tight turns - then carry on into the medium park.

Remember to be safe out there. Check out the features first as they can change day to day. See you up here!

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